Quick and Easy Birthday Gift Basket Idea

Nov 1, 2010 by

Quick and Easy Birthday Gift Basket Idea

ShareIf your dad loves golf then here is a simple gift basket idea to create the perfect gift basket for him. Buy a pack of golf balls, a tee pack and a Golfers Book. I can guarantee your dad will love you for it. Pack it into a sand bucket; add some wrapping and its finished!

For your busy friends – grab a coffee cup, fill it with some interesting pens and pencils. We have a store called Smiggles here in Australia and everyone loves their pencils. Not into pens and pencils, find some lovely coffee beans. The coffee armour will fill their home for days.

My mother has the painting bug. Head off to the craft store and buy some new colors, sheets and brushes. Buy a nice container to store all her paints in and stack the items inside it. Add a big bow and it’s done.

If you are stuck for ideas – find out what they love, and then make a list of items that might be helpful for their hobby and build your gift basket around the theme.

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