7 Steps to Creating a Gift Basket

Oct 31, 2010 by

7 Steps to Creating a Gift Basket

Follow these seven simple steps to get started creating your own stunning “Gift Baskets”;

(1) First choose the theme or design of your Gift Basket next;

(2) Choose the type of Basket you are going to use;

(3) Decorate the Basket (if required);

(4) Purchase or make the goodies for your Basket;

(5) Once you have assembled everything, fill the bottom of the Gift Basket with straw, tissue paper, shredded cellophane or foam. Place the straw or whatever you are using in the bottom of the basket to keep the “goodies” in place.

(6) Next, fill up your gift basket with the goodies. If the goodies won’t stay in place try using tape to hold them in place or alternatively use wooden skewers. Stick items to them and push the skewers into foam in the bottom of the basket to hold everything in place; and last but not least;

(7) Presentation of your Gift Basket. It doesn’t matter if you are on a strict budget or not – presentation is thgiftbasket2 7 Steps to Creating a Gift Baskete key to success with a great gift basket.

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